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Hi Guys,

As it's summer, we are loving the amazing weather and we want to share the happiness the weather has given us!
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VoidCraft V3 - What's happening

Okay, this is a formal announcement of the intial VC V3 role out!

There will be 3 parts to the update, happening over a span of time!

The first update is the Hub update!
We will be updating the hub as the first section of the vc v3 role out!
The new hub will include:
     - Pets
     - New Parkour
     - New Actual hub
     - and some cool secret features :P

This will be rolled out on Sunday 30th March 2014 so yes, in 7 days

The second update will be the "servers" update - 2 - 3 weeks
This will include:
        - Survival Games revamp
        - New voting system, with credits and a virtual shop to spend them!
        - Kits simplified: /kit (rank) all as a single kit!
        - Satan and Gods kits coming out! (Long waited)
        - New announcements and less of them!
        - When you donate you will be announced cross server!

The third update will be the final of this update - coming 3 - 5 weeks

The "Minigame update"
       - SCB will be back and fully functional
       - and the addition of a new minigame! Secret ;)

I hope everyone is looking forward to this update and please follow us on twitter @VCServers for updates and spoilers of udpates


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, to EVERYONE from me and the vc team!

Personally, I haven't been very christmasy this year on VC (I promise some decorations next year <3 )

However, in the spirit of giving we are giving EVERYONE 25% off on everyone on our store!
Please use the coupon: XMAS which is valid until the 27th
http://donate.vcserver.org or http://http://voidcraftservers.net/rank-shop

Enjoy a very merry christmas!

~ Max and the VoidCraft Team!

IP: playvc.me

VC Reloaded (90% complete)

I am proud to announce the new SkyWars spawn which has been created for VoidCraft

VC Reloaded is complete, expect a new kitPvP map, which will be ready for the new year however, its far from being finished (as its soo good)


Have fun,


ip: playvc.me

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